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Dearest You,


‘Nomadic’ would be the word to describe us as storytellers accurately! 

In our plays, you will find flavours that transcend borders. Journey with us as we paint the most complex stories into colourful portraits, breathing it with songs, dances, live music and original compositions.


We believe in breaking traditional barricades to showcase timeless stories to you with an experimental approach. 




Content Creators for OTT

Movies, web series, tv-series and short films! We develop viable content for OTT platforms.

Good Ole Theatre!

We are currently practising for some exceptional plays. So there is a fresh brew of experimental performances coming your way!

Coffee Mugs & Gupshups!

Stories, poetries, readings and some heart-to-hearts are coming your way through our online sessions. Keep a cuppa ready!

“I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.” 


― Oscar Wilde

Why Theatre?

We go through numerous events in our lives that remain ignored. Aum Theatre Mumbai endeavours to tell such tales in their creative way, without attempting to preach. With their experimental plays that are combined with enthralling music, dance, and songs, Aum Theatre Mumbai pulls the right chords. What you see as entertainment, stirs an uncomfortable noise inside you that forces you to acknowledge the problems and truth instead of turning a blind eye. 

Aum Theatre Mumbai is merely a mirror that shows the society the actual image of its present state through contemporary theatre.

Breaking the Norms!

Guilty as charged! Aum Theatre Mumbai is a norm breaker! We ensure that we are perpetually evolving in regards to themes, props, language, depiction and formats of all our plays while not disregarding the rules of theatre grammar. Theatre is an umbrella that houses infinite components. Therefore, we have used live music, original compositions including ghazals and qawwali, Kathak dance, mime, symbolic sets, original background scores and new poetries to enhance and stylize our performances. We are continually looking forward to new concepts and forms to adopt in our plays.

Content Creators

We create original content for:


  • Web series 

  • TV

  • Films 

  • Plays

  • Songs

  • Poetries


They can be acquired in ideation, story, and screenplay formats. 

Kindly do get in touch with us and we would give you an outline of our content.

All the content is registered with the Screenwriters Association.



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